Cannabis Traffic Network

Chronic Traffic is a advertising platform for the cannabis industry reaching thousands of people interested in marijuana every month. We work to connect cannabis enthusiasts with top products/services available in the industry. Add your website or facebook pages, instagram, anything related to cannabis!

Simple & Automated

Our cannabis traffic exchange is completely automated and allows users to effortlessly browse the websites listed on the exchange. Users who wish to earn free traffic by browsing the websites listed on exchange must install our Chrome/Firefox extension. Our extension ensures the user is actively focused on your website or landing page and also times the user accurately.


Safe & Secure

All of the websites listed on the exchange have been reviewed by the Chronic Traffic team before they go live. We only allow websites from the marijuana niche. Our cannabis-friendly users can earn free traffic by browsing websites listed on exchange. You can use a blank referrer or set your own custom referrer for your website traffic source. Users will land directly on your website with no iframes. The review process for new websites can takes 1 business day.


Geo-Targeted Traffic

Target North American (United States & Canada) users and/or international users.


How it Works

Add Website

Submit your cannabis industry website for review.

Earn Points

Browse the websites listed on the exchange and earn points.

Get Free Traffic

Cash your points in for traffic to your own websites.

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