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Register a free account to earn or buy points. Exchange points for traffic. Our platform automatically displays websites for you to browse and earn points.

Important: The 'Browsing' function is only available to users from the United States & Canada - i.e. only users from USA & Canada may earn points on

Cannabis Advertising Network

Platform Features

Custom Timer 20 to 300 Seconds
Hourly Traffic Control
Anonymous/Custom Referrer
No iFrames
Multiple Sessions on Different IP Adresses
Affiliate/Refferal Program
Multi Language Support
Promote Websites, Social Media Profiles, Videos, and more!

Cannabis Advertising Platform Users

User FAQ

For each 60 seconds the user gets 1 point from the advertisers (minus 10% which is retained by the system). The 'traffic exchange ratio' is amount the user will receive for viewing each advertisment (i.e. 90%)

A 20 second advertisment: 0.33 × 0.9 = 0.297 Points Earned
A 30 second advertisment: 0.5 x 0.9 = 0.45 Points Earned
A 60 second advertisment: 1 x 0.9 = 0.9 Points Earned

United States & Canada Cannabis Traffic Network

Geo-Targeted Traffic

Our advertising platform uses IP address detection to only allow users to Browsing target countries and earn points. Target North American (United States & Canada) and/or international users.

Cannabis Advertising Network

Selling Focus

Our advertising platform technology requires the user to remain focused on the advertisments in order to earn points (i.e. no multitasking). Users will land directly on your website with no iframes. Advertisers may choose to opt for a blank referrer (anonymous traffic) or set a own custom referrer for your website traffic source.

Cannabis Advertising Network

Cannabis Only

All of the websites listed on the exchange have been reviewed by the Chronic Traffic team before they go live. We only allow websites from the marijuana niche. Our cannabis-friendly users earn points towards free traffic for their own websites. The review process for new websites can takes 1 business day. Our cannabis traffic exchange is completely automated and allows users to effortlessly browse the websites listed on the exchange.

Add website

Submit your cannabis industry website for review.

Earn points

Earn points by Browsing the websites listed on the exchange.

Get Free Traffic

Your websites will get traffic from your points for traffic to your own websites.