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In California, 25 media launched the website: How to buy marijuana

On January 1, 2018, California state in the United States officially legalized “recreational use” of marijuana. Twenty-five media throughout California jointly established the cannabis website “” in order to revitalize this “emerging industry”, provide business information, eliminate general concerns and cultivate cannabis culture Did. full report The latest authoritative news on the influence of marijuana on California and the United States. The term “hemp” is a combination of “hemp” and “california”.

According to the website, the website was jointly established by 25 news editors in California (including Southern California News Group, Bay Area News Group, and many news editors in the Emerald Triangle and Northern California). This compelling story of cannabis industrialization and answers many questions about expanding the legal use of marijuana in California.

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According to the website, Proposition 64 (Proposition 64 on the legalization of recreational marijuana) has brought about a full range of changes for society: large or small start-ups can find business opportunities; for former cannabis growers Challenges; the creation of laws and regulations; the response to the potential concerns of parents, there will also be a new book category in the physical bookstores everywhere.

Through the website, you can better report on the dynamics and impact of the marijuana industry: the latest news on the impact of cannabis on California and the United States; new knowledge and information on cannabis cultivation; and the consumption and use of cannabis New ways; the impact on personal health; and the legal and economic issues faced by practitioners.

Observer website query related news found that the website was established in 2016, but it was not active in the past. Until December 2017, on the eve of the official legalization of California entertainment marijuana, the website began to be extensively updated and used by many domestic and foreign media as marijuana. An authoritative source of references to the industry.

The website’s “Advertising Cooperation” page lists the optimistic outlook for the cannabis industry. Recently focused on the latest statement from the Minister of Justice Sessions.

Observer Network previously reported that on January 4 this year, the Minister of Justice, Sessions, who had always opposed the legalization of marijuana, once again stated that he would “strike hard” marijuana nationwide.

In the US federal regulations, it is illegal to buy or hold marijuana. When former President Barack Obama was in power, the federal government’s guidance on cannabis adoption was a “no action” policy. Where state law permits the sale and possession of marijuana, federal prosecutors usually do not initiate litigation.

Today, Sessions, who has always opposed the legalization of marijuana, has decided to withdraw this guidance. He once said that “good people don’t smoke marijuana”, compare it with heroin, and blame marijuana for violent incidents and traffic accidents.

The cultural section of the site focuses on marijuana news related to the entertainment industry, as well as “cannabis reading”:

On the Instagram homepage of the site, there are a large number of pictures of cannabis campaigns and marijuana TV shows held throughout the United States.

Despite the marijuana propaganda in California, marijuana is still a controversial topic in the United States. According to statistics, the number of states in which 50 or more of the 50 states are legalized is currently 29.

California is the sixth state to legalize “cannabis for entertainment” after Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and Nevada (which is also legalized in Washington, DC). Massachusetts will join the team on July 1 this year. Maine has previously passed the bill for legal “entertainment” marijuana, but the date of implementation has not been announced.

The state of purple has legalized cannabis for recreational use, legal marijuana in gray states, and blue state has legalized cannabis. Image source: <image from The New York Times>