Captain Jack: Will smoke marijuana before the game. Many players do this.

Drugs have always been a very subtle existence in sports competition. Various sports leagues have always imposed strict policies on drug-using players, but they have repeatedly been banned. In the complex circle of the NBA, the word “drug” is often accompanied by the name of the player.

Today, former NBA star Stephen Jackson talked about the issue of marijuana smoking on a TV show. He believes that marijuana is really helpful for the player’s life, and admits that he did smoke marijuana on the eve of some games. .

“Listen, buddy, marijuana has always been part of basketball. In my playing career, players around me, some people like to drink, do not like to smoke marijuana. But I think more players will be more interested in smoking marijuana, Especially around me, everyone will smoke marijuana. When I first entered the league, the team only had a drug test, and at the beginning of the season, at the pre-season training camp, you know the exact time of the inspection. This means that you can enjoy the rest of the season. It was a wonderful time,” Jackson said.

Jackson: Many players smoke marijuana

In the face of a long season with 82 regular season games, coupled with constant away game, many players are under tremendous pressure, and their body and spirit will become exhausted as the schedule progresses. At this time, some people will choose to borrow some foreign objects to release their pressure, and marijuana is one of them.

“Many players will go to pump because this is the best way to relax,” Jackson continued. “Many people will lose sleep. In order to get up and play, you may need to take a lot of medicine to promote your sleep, but not everyone. I like those pills, so go home and take a bag, buddy, you will get a good night’s sleep.”

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In the show, Jackson also revealed that Don Nelson is very open to the attitude of players smoking marijuana. When the host asked Jackson if he had said the above to Popovich, Jackson smiled and did not answer.

“I can’t mention other people’s names. As far as I am concerned, I have done this many times. Before the game, I will come up with some marijuana, which will make you better. I am serious, this can make I played well. In some games, because I was so big, I was very excited when I was sitting on the bench at the beginning of the game. I had to say to myself: ‘Calm, not always so excited. “When I was on the court, whenever I finished three points, I would rush to grab the rebounds,” Jackson said.

In addition, Jackson also said that the phenomenon of smoking marijuana is not only in the sports league of the NBA. “If you think that some players are always passionate in the game, as if they are always inexhaustible, and they have not used any foreign objects, then you are living in a dream, you know, this is simply impossible. If you think that this phenomenon exists in the NBA, more than the NFL or the European Football League, then you need to change your perception,” Jackson said.