know more about hybrid

Hybrid shares offer both Indica and Sativa advantages. Most of the strains you will encounter are hybrids, hybrid strains or Sativa and Indica strains. Indeed, since the majority of strains has been selected, most of the strains you find are usually hybrid breeds.

Hybrids often take the nature of both lines and provide more balance than the right size of the body and head. As already mentioned, hybrid strains are often described as “Sativa dominance” or “Indica dominance”. For example, while the sativa-dominant hybrid provides higher brain elevation, the Indica-dominant hybrid has a more relaxed sedative effect.

Benefit of strains:
  • ease depression
  • getting better sleep at night
  • help alleviate anxiety disorders
  • slow development of Alzheimer’s disease
  • calm Asthma Attacks
  • more…