no weed for son

80-year-old aunt: my son has suffered greatly and does not want young people to follow suit.

In many European and American movies, young people can buy one for $20, and they can’t say a refreshing feeling.

Although it is so common in the film image, it is taken for granted. But marijuana is still a toxic item, although it will not die. However, long-term use may cause insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability, irritability, vomiting, tremors, hallucinations, impaired understanding and memory, and decreased immunity.

In fact, marijuana is still regulated in most parts of the United States, but since the legalization of California marijuana, it reflects the people’s attitude of disapproving of this kind of drug, which is “a cigarette that is more powerful”. Despite this, there are some local people who have been criticized for being feudal and old-fashioned, out of touch with the times, and will never stop fighting for cannabis.

Carla Lowe is one of the most influential.

As a high school teacher, she found that some students were absent from class, lack of spirit, and smelled badly. She then made a “25 Things about Parents’ Most Worried Children” survey and found that parents are most concerned about whether their children are at the top of the list or smoking or drinking, but stay away from drugs.

Some parents said: “I found my child smoking marijuana, and the money to buy marijuana was still secretly taken from my wallet.”

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What surprised Kara is that his son is also an addict! ! Aware of the seriousness of the problem, she began a 40-year anti-marijuana fight.

give speech on weed

She was interviewed by President Reagan’s wife Nancy and organized a global anti-drug speech, but still could not stop the legalization of marijuana in California.

When asked how to look at the failure of sports, Kara said concisely: “Because of money!”

She said: “We have counted that the initiators behind the bill supporting the legalization of marijuana have invested at least $33 million in funding! And we don’t have the money to invest in educating people. California’s illicit cultivation is Billions of dollars in business opportunities, 60% of the country’s weed is provided by California. Those illegal weed businesses are very clear that the city does not have enough law enforcement resources to smash them.”

For various reasons, the anti-marijuana movement has suffered various blows and has stagnated, but Kara believes that what he has done for so many years is meaningful.

In the past, many parents’ children used marijuana. They were too shy to speak out, but now parents have become more daring to face this problem. Coupled with the tough attitude of the federal government against marijuana, this indicates that the anti-weedmovement also has the opportunity to reverse the situation.