AK-47, Chronic Traffic

Do not let this intense name fool you: AK-47 will keep you relaxed. This Sativa-dominant hybrid provides a stable and sustained brain subject that maintains mental focus and participates in creative or social activities. AK-47 combines varieties from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Afghanistan, combining complex aromas and effects. The scent of AK-47 is acidic and rustic, but its sweet scent of flower can only be realized in its taste.

Created in 1992 by Serious Seeds, AK-47 has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards worldwide with its high THC content. For those who want to fill their garden with moist mixture like this resin, producers recommend indoor environments with soil or hydroponic composition. AK – 47 is easy to grow, has a short indoor flowering period of only 53 to 63 days, but outdoor plants usually end in late October.