canada allow cannabis

The second in the world, Canada passed the “Cannabis Act”

The Canadian Senate officially passed the Cannabis Act on Tuesday. Following Uruguay, Canada will become the second country in the world to legalize cannabis for entertainment across the country. According to CNN’s local time on June 20th, the Canadian Senate passed a “historic” “marijuana bill” with 52 votes in favor of 29 votes on Tuesday, so entertainment cannabis will soon be in Canada. The territory is legal.

The official website of the Government of Canada issued a statement that after the entry into force of this bill, adults will be able to legally purchase, grow and use a certain amount of marijuana within the scope of the law. 

After the passage of the bill, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Truj said in a tweet on the 20th that “the marijuana has been easily accessible to minors in our country, and the profits of the marijuana industry have been divided by criminals. The bill that legalized and regulated marijuana has just been officially passed in the Senate.”

This tweet is also accompanied by a label of “commitment to cash” because the bill passed this time was led by Trudeau during his prime campaign. He promised that voters would keep minors away from marijuana and cut down on criminal activities related to marijuana. The Act stipulates that the sale of marijuana to minors or the use of minors to commit marijuana-related offenders will face up to 14 years of penalties. In addition, the passage of the bill also indicates that the country’s cannabis industry will usher in a new spring.

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CNN said on June 7 that Deloitte & Touche predicts that entertainment marijuana will reach $4.3 billion in sales in the first year after its legalization, and the general spending on marijuana will surge by 58% because People are willing to buy legally sold marijuana at a higher price. After Trudeau’s Liberal Party came to power, as the party has been committed to the legalization of cannabis for entertainment, some local cannabis manufacturers such as Canopy Growth Corp. and Aphria Inc. ), Aurora Cannabis Inc., etc. have become the object of investors crazy money.

The passage of this bill also attracted different voices. Canadian Conservative Party member Linda Fram quoted his brother David Fram (a famous political critic) on Twitter on the 20th. “The legalization of marijuana means that more people will use marijuana and more people use marijuana. It also means that more minors will use marijuana.”

canada allow cannabis
Tweet from Senator Linda Frum

Russia today (RT) said that some skeptical commentators believe that the government’s rules governing the use of cannabis for entertainment may lead to a shortage of markets, which will make the black market prosper. It is reported that the Act provides that the Canadian federal government can issue licenses to limited cannabis growers, and provinces and territories have the right to self-determination in how to distribute these cannabis products. For example, in Ontario, cannabis can only be sold in a handful of state-owned specialty stores.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, consumers can buy marijuana in certain grocery stores. The Cannabis Act has made Canada the only country in the world to legalize the second cannabis after Uruguay and is the only G7 member state. In the United States, which is also a member of the G7, nine states and Washington, DC, are legally marijuana, 29 states, and Washington, DC, medical marijuana.

A few other countries, such as the Netherlands and Switzerland, have conditionally legalized cannabis. However, in most countries and regions, cannabis is a drug banned by law.